Drugs that may cause impotence

мThe condition recognized as impotence is when a male cannot get an erection or finds it difficult to keep it during sexual contact. Impotence can seriously affect sexual activity of a male and his health.

The period in which a man can notice the first symptoms of impotence can be short or long. It depends on the cause of the impotence. Some men can develop this condition slowly while others can face it suddenly.

Impotence caused by psychological factors usually by stress or depression can get better at any time. If it is caused by physical factor such as disease or injury or medical treatment, the chance to get it improved is very low. Usually the treatment of this condition involves using the medicines life-long.

Actually impotence does not affect the ability of a man to have desire, have orgasm and ejaculate normally after the climax.м1

Vascular disorders are among the main reasons for having impotence. Besides, a heart disease, a stroke, diabetes, injuries to the spinal cord, hypertension and/or poor circulation in the entire body can mark that a person is at risk for impotence development.

Products for the treatment of different conditions, recreational drugs, medications which contain substances harmful for sexual health can lead to impotence as well.

Some of the medicines you may be taking can have a negative effect on your sexual health, performance, sexual desire. If you notice any unpleasant effects, ask your doctor for medicine change or for dose decrease if possible.

м2Antidepressants and antipsychotic medicines, for instance, can cause male sexual impotence. Such antidepressants as Valium, Prozac, Zoloft, Tofranil can produce unwanted sexual side effects.

Medicines used for the treatment of hypertension and diuretics can also cause impotence symptoms. Such meds as Bumex, Vasotec, Lasix and others are known to affect sexual ability of a man.

Heartburn medicines like Tagament, Zantac, Axid should be taken with caution by men. They can also cause impotence.

Some other medicines like hormonal or chemotherapy drugs and analgesics can be also blamed for impotence signs.

Before you start any treatment, it is necessary to learn about the medicine you are going to consume. Ask your doctor if this medicine can be harmful for your general and sexual health.

Oral pill Silagra

The leading medicines in the treatment of impotency in men are widely known through ads and TV and internet commercials. These anti-impotency agents are called PDE type 5 inhibitors and all work practically the same way. For its high popularity and money spend for their distribution, it should be paid. бранSo, the price of such brands as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and others is very high and not affordable for most common males.
Still there is a way out of this situation. Generic pills containing the same active components are broadly used to treat erectile dysfunction or impotency in men.
The solution for the problem is offered by one of the most famous generic medicines called Silagra. It helps in health issues concerning erectile difficulties and manages all the symptoms of impotency.
брThere is no need to pay more for brand. Silagra contain the same Sildenafil as in Viagra. Individual suffering from impotency should ask a doctor about alternatives for brands. It will save lots of money and gives a greater chance to get pleasure from sex more regularly.
Silagra helps to deal with poor and weak erections and produces great effects in the majority of men as it contains famous Sildenafil.
Oral pill Silagra should be taken with water about 30-40 min before having sex. Sexual stimulation is necessary for a person to induce the natural erectile response.
The action of Sildenafil lasts for about 4 hours which is enough for enjoying the sex in the best way.
Silagra may have side effects.сил Usually they appear in people more sensitive to the actions of Sildenafil, in cases of improper application or overdosing. Men using Sildenafil should remember about taking only one pill (at recommended dose for them) in 24 hours.
If you have visited your doctor about erectile dysfunction issue or intend to do it in the future, ask about generic alternatives of oral ED pills. Get the information about the dosage and use of Silagra. Spend your money reasonably; use the quality medicines at lower price.
Silagra allows men enjoying sexual and love moments with their partners. It helps to achieve satisfactory sexual contact and forget about erectile dysfunction.

Essential ingredient in Silagra

silaSilagra is a well-known oral medicine for the treatment of male’s difficulties in getting erections.
This is a simple and easy to apply solution created to improve sexual life of both gentlemen and ladies. Sexual problems are the greatest when one of the partners or both of them remain unsatisfied. This problem should be addressed to a doctor who can professionally estimate the reason and the severity of it. A doctor will recommend the proper treatments and, in most cases, it is – taking oral pills.
Silagra contains Sildenafil citrate, a potent component with the capacity to assist men in getting erections. It works in the body to produce a significant improvement in the blood flowing to the male organ. This makes possible for a man to obtain and keep an erection for the time needed.
Most men are greatly satisfied with the effects and results of Sildenafil. They strongly believe that Sildenafil is a real remedy which can safe their relations and family from ruining. silde
Silagra contains 100 mg of Sildenafil. This dosage is the max per one day consumption. Higher doses may be dangerous for your health. Before using this medicine, consider going to your doctor for medical advice. It is highly important to learn the information about side effects possible with Sildenafil use and its drug interactions.
silagRemember that Sildenafil must never be used with nitrates. So, if you have a heart disorder and take nitrates, do not use Silagra.
Other precautions you should know are:
Do not drink alcohol with Silagra.
Be watchful for any serious side effects, especially if you use Silagra for the first time.
Never overdose or take it too often. The recommended time between two doses is 24 hours.
With the main chemical Sildenafil, Silagra is a penile erection medicine, available for most men. It is a very cost-effective medicine as you can order it at reasonable price and take regularly.

Incapacity to achieve an erection


Sometimes the man has ED only in certain circumstances. For instance some patients can achieve an erection during masturbation, or may wake up with an erection but they can not achieve an erection during the sexual intercourse with the partner. In these conditions it is probable that the deep-rooted cause of ED is the psychological one that is mostly related with the endured stress. In the other case if the man can not achieve an erection under any situations, it may be caused by the physical reasons.

Change your lifestyle and get your erection back

1235514042_amr070As the investigations prove for the many male people the life style determine appearing of erectile dysfunction. But if you are ready to make some things you can help to your health and get back the troubles sexual relationships:

•If you smoke, give it up. It is difficult to stop it at once but there are remedies that will help you. At pharmacies you can buy over-the-counter nicotine replacements (for example gum or lozenges), or visit your doctor and get a prescription for a drug to help you to give smoking up.

•If you have over-weight you should get your weight down. The overweight usually destroy or impair the erection.

•Begin to go on sport regularly. Sport exercises will help you to remove with latent health problems that usually play a role in erectile dysfunction and also they will reduce stress, help you to lose the overweight and stimulate blood flow in veins.

•Quit alcohol drinking and begin to treat drug problems. Too much alcoholic drinking or using illicit drug impair erection directly or indirectly being the reason of long-term diseases.

•Work through relationship issues. Try to improve your relationships with your partner through open communication and if you can not manage it on your own look for the help of a psychotherapist.

Renew your sexual life with potent Silagra

Generic medications containing Sildenafil, like Silagra, help men to perform well in every situation. It starts working 30-45 minutes after taking, ensuring most powerful and hardest erections possible.
Sildenafil citrate, the active component in Silagra mixes with the blood and improves erectile dysfunction by producing needed erections when a person is sexually ready.
Erection dysfunction is very one common condition among the men who are older than 45 years of age. A man cannot attain and sustain strong erection to have valid sexual activity.
You can buy on the web the medication Silagra which is safe and robust solution for ED condition.
The specialized medical studies and tests intended for verifying the effectiveness and safety of Silagra were conducted before the medication became available for men. Inspections to control the high quality standards are regularly made by the manufacturer and medical organizations like the FDA.
Enjoy the renewed sexual life events with Silagra. The medication may be not suitable for some patients. Consult your doctor before using Silagra. Ask your doctor about all the items of use, actions, side effects and other information.

Erectile dysfunction and age

The experts are sure that erectile dysfunction is age related. Men growing older experience more difficulty in getting or keeping an erection. For a man in his 40 and older it may take more time to get an erection than for a man in his 30s. It happens due to the fact that sexual response becomes slower and less intensive with age. Besides, middle-aged men and men older than 50 years of age have more problems with health such as diabetes, inadequate blood circulation, atherosclerosis, problems with prostate gland and others.

Sexual function may also be affected by the slow process of testosterone reduction.

If a person has difficulties with sexual arousal and function, it is important to have a medical consultation. The early diagnosis of sexual disorder increases the chance for a man to get improved sexual function.

Some sexual therapists think that age is not a defining factor for developing erectile dysfunction. They believe that healthy lifestyle can help men to reduce the chance of impotence development.

Side Effects

Sometimes men taking Silagra experience the following side effects. But if you have the side effects of this medicine you may try other drug for treatment ED.

Serious Side Effects (Uncommon)

If you notice that you have serious side effects stop taking Silagra and seek doctor

  •     Priapism (Erection longer than 4 hours)
  •     Loss of vision or severe decrease
  •     Loss of hearing or severe decrease

Less Common Side Effects

Less serious  side effects  diminish as your organism becomes accustomed to the treatment. Men presenting with the less serious  side effects generally do not need to stop taking this drug.This side effects are not dangerous.

  •     Slight blueness in vision
  •     Light sensitivity
  •     Slight blurred vision

Common Side Effects

These common side effects usually diminish by increasing water intake, because they are connected to dehydration .

  •     Headache
  •     Flushing or facial redness
  •     Dryness in eyes
  •     Blocked nose
  •     Mild Nausea


Safety information for Silagra consumers

While taking Silagra it is necessary to know certain precautions or safety measures to be sure that the medication is safe for you:

Silagra is indicated only for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Men using nitrates must not take Silagra. The concomitant use of Sildenafil and nitrates may lead to serious side effects such as heart problems.

The use of Silagra with certain drugs can be dangerous for health.

Geriatric patients are more sensitive to effects of Silagra and are more likely to experience side effects of the drug.

Alcohol consumption in large amounts may affect erection process. Besides, the use of alcohol and Silagra may provoke blood pressure decrease and cause dizziness and fainting.

Silagra cannot protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Silagra in men with heart disease

Silagra (sildenafil) use may be dangerous in patients with certain types of heart disease.

Sildenafil can insignificantly lower blood pressure. If used alone, it does not produce any dangers for health, but used with nitrates (often taken for angina and other symptoms of heart disease) it may cause a serious drop in blood pressure. So men taking nitrates should not use Silagra with its vasodilating effects.

Silagra is safe in men with healthy hearts, but it may be taken by men with stable heart disease in whom sexual activity does not produce any dangerous heart symptoms. According to different studies of Sildenafil, it is well tolerated in men with even severe coronary artery disease if they do not have active ischemia and do not take nitrates. Sildenafil by itself does not enlarge the risk of exercise in patients with stable cardiovascular disease.

Finally it can be said that men with unstable cardiovascular disease should not use Silagra. These may include a history of heart attack or stroke.

Men taking Silagra should tell their doctor if they have any symptoms while taking this medication such as dizziness, fainting or others.

Men with heart disease and erectile dysfunction who want to use Silagra need to consult a doctor who has a complete knowledge of their medical history.

Silagra (Sildenafil) is a very potent medication that has renewed sexual life for a great number of men, but it may be dangerous for some categories of patients including those who have unstable cardiovascular disease. If your health condition does not allow you take Silagra, do not take it.